Chloe Newman

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.42.15 AM

I love a good photo set. One that you can tell belongs together. Random photography is great and all, but when photos are shown as a set, it becomes art.  I just discovered this photographer on I Need A Guide  and fell instantly in love with Chloe Newman’s art.   What do YOU think? photos […]

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Just the Right Tone

Earth Day 7

Sometimes all it takes to inspire me is a simple color palette.  I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them and it’s one of my favorites to curate. This photo is such a perfect mix of summer and the beauty in your surroundings. I would love to make these florals into a printed fabric over one or […]

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Summer Skirt Giveaway


Here it is…the giveaway of the century! Or, well, at least it feels that big to me. I’ve been itching to share this giveaway and it’s finally here. We are picking a winner every weekday this week and hopefully you’re one of them! With a week full of prizes, it would be smart of you […]

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Around the New Studio


I love seeing other peoples’ workspaces and current projects so I thought it might be interesting to show you mine. In April, Marcy (another apparel maker), Meredith (a painter), and I moved into a new studio space.  It’s taken a while for us to move, get settled, and make everything feel like a functional (and cute) […]

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Workshop Vintage


You know the moment when you step into a store and think “Oh god, my wallet is going to be empty when I leave.”?  That’s how I felt last Saturday when I went to visit a friend of mine that works at Workshop Vintage. Their curation is gorgeous and everything in the store was so […]

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